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Well somebody finally put her big girl blogging panties on and is migrating over to her own website, no /wordpress /blogger /xanga /tumbler.
No sirreebob, it is now
Or rather will be in as soon as I get can all cobwebs dusted, moving boxes unpacked, shiny new design done, store set up. yeah so as you can see
a little bit to do. but it sure is gonna be fun and exciting.

So stick around Or rather, get your butt on over to the new site soon .

Normally, I would try to migrate old blog to new site, but for some reason ( perhaps because it was time to do blog with my big girl panties on) this blog never really took off, i was lazy. and plan just MIA most of the time. So no migrating. nope. end of the road for this here blog.
Say goodbye blog. Goodbye blog.

So if you want to keep up with all the new changes ( and there is tons of them in store. bloggy changes, personal changes, homestead changes. changes. changes , after all this is the year of the Unicorn, and with a New Moon falling on a New Year, this year is bound to be chock full o’ change) So you want to keep up with them? I can be found at the faceboob of course. twitter. instagram. pinterest ( my new crack!!)

and of course in a few days over at the new home

Looking forward to seeing you there ;)

A little of this, a little of that.

Well to say I dropped the bloggy ball is a mild understatement, believe it or not I had a fabulous Ode to Fall post nearly done, and then guess who went and forgot to send out her internet bill? Go on take a guess. Yep, me. Want to see something funny? Take an internet junkie, don’t pay her bill, let her get throttled for over usage AND shut down all within a week. Alas I survived. and had a good time doing so. Whatever did I do? Well I took the boys to the lake, let the jump in and get good and muddy, then they had to have baths. Now they are all pretty dogs. spoiled.loved. but pretty. Ordered Miles a cute little hoodie AND his Darth Vadar costume for halloween, I may be biased, but I do believe we have the cutest, best dressed pug around ;)


I chased ducks around a lot, 3 of the 4 have decided that the grass is always greener on the other side, funnily enough they go right back into their run, I swear they do it, just so I will chase them and they can quack at me.


I cleaned the house from top to bottom, up to and including dusting, cleaning out closets ( a definite win win here, as guess who discovered she now fits into 4 of her ‘One Day” jeans and got a big bag of now too big for me clothes ready for the goodwill, yep that is right, one very, feeling hot, hot mama in her new jeans.  hmm maybe it is all the duck chasing that is getting me in my smaller britches? :P

add in some shameless begging the hubz for goats, copious wine drinking, Breaking Bad and Orange is the New Black marathon watching,  one very horrible pinterest recipe FAIL  (let’s just say no matter how good the recipe for frickles sounds, if the hubz buys spring roll wrappers INSTEAD of egg roll wrappers, it is most definitely not a good idear to attempt to work around it, bleeech, and don’t get me wrong I love a good spring roll as much as the next girl, but texture wise not working with this recipe)

and there  you have one internet less week around here in Gorgeous KyndValley….


The best part of happiness is the pines. ~Terri Guillemets


Listening To : While musically it has been a pretty eclectic mix, there has been a lot of Marilyn Manson, Korn and other Raaaawr , but at this moment right now? I am listening to Mama Kitty meow because the baby kitties are starting to want to venture out and she wants to keep them in the basket, and the sound of the baby quails destroy the just cleaned out cage. Thanks guys, I love repeating the same task over and over.


Reading : Lot of kindle fondling been going on this week, I devoured all of the Stieg Larsson “The Girl Who….” series, all 3 of them in 2 days, My dad sent them to me almost a year ago, and since we pretty much do not read any of the same books, I never touched them, well I enjoyed them, way more than I expected. Now on the movie. ( Been waiting to watch until I read, as when dad sent both books and movie, he rec’ed that I read first) I also read Hollowland (The Hollows #1) by Amanda Hocking, and let me just say while I did NOT expect to enjoy this, one of the first reviews on Goodreads that I read was none too good, I did, so much in fact that I stayed up until 3 AM to finish it. But what can I say I love a good zombie apocalypse :P


Eating : eggs and lots of them, I found Helleanor’s secret stash, 23 eggs! 23!! and drinking grapefruit juice like mad, I dunno, got a taste for it this week and like everything else I do, it is feast or famine.  Though with the weather ( see enjoying below) I am looking forward to Sunday’s Pot Roast, the first of the season.


Working On : The Budget ( haven’t had so much fun since well, never) cleaning out my social media’s, this actually has been fun AND very freeing, my feeds are so much more manageable, I can actually see the shit I wanna and it clears up a LOT more time. Also cleaning up my Pinterest boards , and getting a bloggy plan in motion. Still got a ways to go on my “Trim the Fat” project but I am enjoying every last “click the delete button” moment of it. To say that I am feeling all about the organization this week is spot on.


Enjoying : The feeling of fall in MI, hoodies, bonfires, crisp air.

What’s happening on the farm?

So within the last week, mama kitty gave birth, we got 3 button quail, 4 fluffy dorks and then 2 itty bitty baby quail. Am starting to really question my sanity when it comes to critters , especially considering I know deep down I am nowhere near done! The goats , where are the goats? :P 

Hubz took it all in his laid back manner, whewee I was expecting a bit of a row, since I pulled a fast one and just brought them home while he was out of town.

Not sure if all the hubaboo has the girls in a tizzy but someone laid this giant egg today, I swear it has to be a triple yolker!




Yeah so whoever laid that bad boy? They have my sympathies, perhaps I should make the girls a special treat today? Why not, have the house to myself, and I must say, is sweet. sometimes a couple of days of solitude just hit the spot!


By all means use sometimes to be alone.  Salute thyself; see what thy soul doth wear.  ~George Herbert


and with a quickness and a flash I am out of here, got a workout , some embroidery to do, a bubble bath in my future and critters to spoil.


How is your day going? 


Mish Mash

Well things have been cooking around here. lots of busy bee’s, my to do list is finally getting manageable thanks to Remember The Milk, ( hereby known as RTM) so much so that I am even thinking of paying to go pro. Something my cheap behind never does! I Have tried a few of the organizers, cozi , wunderlists etc. and of the ones I have tried RTM has a format that works for me and is effective. I do wish it wasn’t 25 buckaroos for one year, just to have the ability to sync multiple devices, but there it is.  With my bipolar, organization is a must, especially when I get going on a manic phase, and I am always in search of the PERFECT organization app, to do, shop, calendar etc. that can be shared. How do you do it?

Chicken News :

There is a broody hen in the back hall, she has been jammin’ up the nest boxes, and last week alone I got 3 GIANT double yolkers. My guess is she was chasing everyone out and the other girls were having to hold it. seeing as my egg production went from 10-12 a day down to 4 or 5 , something had to be done, so right now? I am sitting here listening to her fuss at the dryer. Yesterday I had her out on the front porch , but it rained last night and is friggin’ humid, so back hall with the fan it is for her today.

Rooster Cogburn, is an escape artist, but has taken to crowing when he gets out, standing right by the run door. when I come out he takes off around the run, gives me enough time to open the door, and in he runs. is a bit strange , nice but strange. I can already tell his “come let me in” crow.

We got our first official egg customer, yay!!  We were supposed to be selling 2 dozen a week, to a lady the hubz goes to church with  BUT and get this, the whole reason she asked for our eggs was because she said and I quote ” she didn’t trust the other eggs she was getting because the lady didn’t clean them and they were dirty” BUT they are free, so she decided to go with eggs she stated she didn’t trust over a couple bucks. no skin off my nose. Our eggs are delish and I know they will get into the kitchens of the people who will appreciate the yummy goodness.


and with that I end this post with :


I fell in love with sloths today. And it looks like they are actually legal in MI, hubz is gonna be thrilled :P Or not, but maybe that will have him reconsidering his nay on the Great Goat Debate of ’12 ( I’m nothing if not crafty, lol)


Monday Motivation

On a Tuesday.. Tsk.. Tsk.. 

So the past week or so, has been very low energy for me. Something my OCD , obsessive compulsive butt finds very hard to do – to just sit, relax, enjoy. Oh no, I am used to running around and top speed. tackling dust bunnies and laundry piles with my usual poise.  Nope, instead I was craving a much slower pace. movie marathons with the hubz. cookouts with the family. oh so much cheering on the CornHole players and gallons of aunt Julz sangria ( too die for!!) bubble baths. kindle fondling. 


Woke up today, thinking OK, your ready to get busy again. Looked at my old to do list? couldn’t make hide nor hair of it, so tossed it. The new one? so much more organized, shorter and manageable . Checked the long overdue for checking email inbox. scan and delete. big old mass delete. along with some spam catching, and unsubbing from some lists.  This I should have done a long time ago. 


And the lesson I learned? Listen to my instincts. If I had blown off what my gut was saying and stuck to my normal routine ( and I am ALL about routine, so this is hard for me) I would have missed all the good fun and fam time with the hubz. and out of the next 35 days he will be out of town for 28 of them, working 18 hour days. So see, I have plenty of time to get caught up on the laundry while home alone, and I got all that good canoodling time in. WIN WIN.

And with that I bring you the whole point of a Tuesday Monday Motivation :

If you can’t get quiet enough to hear yourself, your life is too loud. ~Terri Guillemets






Thinking – That no matter how frustrated I get, or grumpy : I have got it good. AND how exciting it is to finally have enough laying hens to offer eggs for sale. which then leads to thinking of bills, finance and other various yuckies that can not be avoided.

Feeling – a bit lazy today. perhaps an afternoon walk is in order?

Watching – Star Trek. yes I am a closet trekkie. I say closet because Hubz is the trekkie who got me into Star Trek, so I always tease him and say I am a trekkie by marriage, alas if he knew I was starting to own up to my own trekkie status he would never let me live it down. shhhhhhhhhh

Reading – not a lot of kindle fondling going on, trying to muddle thru Infinite Jest, and having a hard time getting into it. about a quarter of the way thru Saving Fish From Drowing/Amy Tan, not bad but not my favorite AT book by far. My to read wishlist on is huge, Time to visit the ol’ library!

Excited – That hubz is getting on board with the whole Alpaca dream of mine. even going so far as to utter the words ” It was your dream, you made it mine, now your stuck with it” Stuck with it? No hubz dear, I am thrilled. bring on more livestock!!!!  AND that in a mere 5 hundro something days I am going to be MOH to my bestie, MOH at our wedding.

Missing –  New Orleans. as happy as I am here in MI, not a day goes by that I don’t wish I could live in both places at once!

Wondering –  How much longer until all those gorgeous maters in the garden start to ripen. and what I am going to do with all these zukes!

Stressed – Bills, money. about the only stressor that pops up these days, but boy is it a doozie!

Proud –  Of the amazing goodies coming out of the garden, my first ever real in the dirt garden.


days haul


Wanting - a punch card at the local yoga studio. and a mamma chia. they are sooo good. and a bit expensive.  and the hubz to come home. counting days. 3 to go.

Wishing –  That hubz would hurry up already and fix my bike tire. the weather these past couple of weeks has been so freakishly fall feeling, so many missed bike rides!

Eating – home alone. not a lot of cooking going on. a lot of grazing. but today? today is zukes and eggs. i got both coming out the whazoooo.

Drinking – H20. always. hydrate , hydrate , hydrate. Hubz did bring me home a Mamma Chia earlier in the week, it was soo sooooo good ( see wanting above!) alas the price tag for the teensy wheeny bottle was not as good as the taste. so I am in midst of trying to DIY, my first couple of tries came out pretty close, but something is off. #WillFigureItOut



Love – Hands down Hubz. The awesome that is US pulling double is pretty darn awesome. Is what gets me out of bed in the morning. and puts a smile on my face. pretty hard to do, as I have one of those ” always frowning” faces.  I always look like I am deep in thought. about homicide. or politics. But really? really I am smiling on the inside.