What’s happening on the farm?

So within the last week, mama kitty gave birth, we got 3 button quail, 4 fluffy dorks and then 2 itty bitty baby quail. Am starting to really question my sanity when it comes to critters , especially considering I know deep down I am nowhere near done! The goats , where are the goats? :P 

Hubz took it all in his laid back manner, whewee I was expecting a bit of a row, since I pulled a fast one and just brought them home while he was out of town.

Not sure if all the hubaboo has the girls in a tizzy but someone laid this giant egg today, I swear it has to be a triple yolker!




Yeah so whoever laid that bad boy? They have my sympathies, perhaps I should make the girls a special treat today? Why not, have the house to myself, and I must say, is sweet. sometimes a couple of days of solitude just hit the spot!


By all means use sometimes to be alone.  Salute thyself; see what thy soul doth wear.  ~George Herbert


and with a quickness and a flash I am out of here, got a workout , some embroidery to do, a bubble bath in my future and critters to spoil.


How is your day going? 


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3 thoughts on “What’s happening on the farm?

    • Hubz is out of town , he is my meat eater so thinking tight gonna crack that bad boy with some of the TONS of maters I picked tonight, simple,delish And best of all? All from right here on the homestead! :-)

    • I know right! Did not end up being so, was just a giant doubler, on average we get 2-3 doublers a month, love my chicken butt fresh eggs, but those doublers? they really make me happy :P

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